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Angela and Carole became friends in the Napa Valley, where they both lived a gracious lifestyle that involved holding down jobs and chasing around their toddlers between impromptu dinner parties with other wine-drinking moms.

Angela eventually decided to head back to civilization, and is now a digital media consultant and 3D technology advisor in LA (visit, if you're curious). She spends her tiny bit of precious spare time shopping for wines to match her shoes, dissing the designers on Project Runway with her daughter, and chatting up the hot wine guy at the local fancy deli.

Carole decamped for New Orleans, where she was chased out of town by Katrina; then headed for Atlanta where she earned her certification as a bona-fide sommelier and works for an e-commerce company that sells, of course, things you drink.

Wine Giques is their labor of love, a way of keeping their friendship alive, and of course, a great excuse for drinking a tiny bit of wine every single day. Wine from a woman's point of view: well, now that's not something you see every day, is it?